What is the SEAMCYO Mission?

Sep 30, 2019 8:26 PM
Angela Mccabe


Saint Elizabeth Athletic Ministry (SEAM), a component of the Youth Ministry Program, is the partnering of parish staff, parents, coaches, and youth to manage and support an athletic program that offers healthy activities which strengthen the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of youth; that emphasizes healthy competition, sportsmanship and responsibility to the community; while giving witness to our catholic faith.



  • To promote the sharing of Catholic values among athletes, parents and coaches.

  • To nurture the social and physical needs of our parish youth. 

  • To encourage our youth to physically challenge themselves and appreciate their God-given talents by sharing these gifts with others.

  • To encourage participation in other youth ministry programs.

  • To reaffirm active practice of faith and sacramental life as well as involvement in sports activities.


To assist in keeping a proper perspective, the following code of conduct lists expectations from players, parents, and coaches.
I understand and agree to the following:


  • Participation in St. Elizabeth Athletic Ministry Program (SEAM) is a privilege. 

  • Participation on a SEAM team is for all registered parishioners and for non-parishioners who attend St. Elizabeth Catholic School.

  • I/We agree to follow the letter and spirit of the Mission Statement. 

  • I/We agree to display good sportsmanship and to treat all other participants (players, coaches, officials) with dignity and respect, regardless of race, sex, or skill level.

  • I/We agree to provide positive support, care and encouragement for all participants.

  • I/We agree to keep religious education and schoolwork as top priority and to notify coaches of conflicts that may interfere with full participation.  It is unacceptable to miss religious education class or Sunday Mass for practices/games. SEAM games and practices and participation in tournaments will be scheduled after 1PM on Sundays.

  • I/We agree to respect all equipment and facilities used in support of the program.

  • I/We agree to provide/maintain a safe & healthy playing environment - free from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

  • (Parents)  I/We agree to help make the SEAM experience enjoyable by being a respectful fan and a supportive parent, by providing transportation, by supporting coaches and officials, by assisting coach or athlete as needed.

  • (Parents & Coaches)  I/We agree to place the emotional & physical well being of the youth ahead of personal desire to win.

  • (Athletes & Parents)  I/We agree to participate in all scheduled practices. (Missing practice for attendance at religious education classes is an excused absence from practice.)  Playing on multiple teams & practicing with another team does NOT fulfill practice requirements for SEAM.  For the well-being of the youth, SEAM encourages a limit of playing on 2 teams during a season.

  • (Athlete) For participation on a St Elizabeth team, the athlete agrees to declare the SEAM team first priority over other athletic teams/events.

  • (Coaches)  I/We agree to adhere to playing time requirements as set forth by SEAM, understanding that playing time requirements are NOT automatic but are dependant on participation at practice, health of athlete, and behavior of athlete.  SEAM sets a minimum of 25% playing time per participant for each athletic event.  

  • (Coach)  I agree to limit practices to 2 (3 for football) school nights per week.  If there is a school night game(s), this number is reduced.

  • The payment of registration fees enables a child to participate in the program, assuming he or she is otherwise eligible to participate.  Registration fees offset the cost of SEAM programs.   The payment of registration fees does not provide for or imply any other right or benefit.

  • There is a no refund policy after the first organized event (e.g., practice, evaluation, tryout, etc).

  • I/We agree to inform friends/relatives of the expected conduct when they are in attendance of any St Elizabeth SEAM practice, game, or event.

  • All complaints concerning the St. Elizabeth Athletic Program shall be administered according to the SEAM Grievance Process.

If we fail to adhere to the above, then the privilege to participate may be revoked without warning by the SEAM board in consultation with the pastor.


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